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Hatch Mcleans and Hi-Action Hatch

My hatch Mcleans were obtained direct from Harold Brown, Oscar Akins, and Bill Baumgarner. These gentlemen have hatch bloods that were related to each other. Great for crossing to produce battlefowls or adding fresh blood to a good family of hatch. Comes in light and dark-colored hackles, mostly peacombs. This Mcleans is the baseblood of the modern-day Hi-Action strains.

The high action hatch is a set strain family of hatch that was developed by my father Mamie Lacson during the 80s. It was originally a 3/4 Mclean, a blend of Harold's King Fox mcleans and Oscar Akin's mcleans which my father coined as the kingmakers, and a quarter blood of Blueface from Percy Flowers which were obtained from Harold Brown. They have been fought successfully in the major competitions for many many years. They cross well to any good families of gamefowls.


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